Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Clark Gormley #8 Bagging Area

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place item in bagging area

cherries this time of the year?
they’re imported from the USA!
did you ever stop to consider
how many food miles
are in your purchase? ever heard
of buy local? no wonder
the planet’s in trouble bonehead
scan or look up item

not the Cavendish bananas
again!  they throw away all 
the small ones and the straight ones so 
much waste! please wait 
for assistance

you could have got the red-tipped 
eco ones no pesticides 
much better for the planet 
you tightarse please use 
pin-pad to complete transaction

where’s your flybuys card you dope?
we’ve got over a thousand items
available from gadgets and
appliances to getaways and
even money off at the till
moron thank you for shopping
at Coles


Listen you abusive android
checkout chick replacement you
can tell your Wesfarmers CEO
that he’ll find he won’t be able
to execute his backflip on
plastic bags when he’s on
the high moral ground and
until he flips back I’ll
be taking my reusable bags

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