Sunday, August 5, 2018

James Walton #109 The Koo Wee Rup Exchange

A short-listing trip to the city
and the buses meet each other,
caterpillars plump and expectant
linking up for the Island as the kids,
release tents the hope of backpacks.

Drinking wine with three nuns
one plays Sounds of Silence,
another hums You Keep Me Hangin’ On
the invitation of a grand piano,
splits its sides drawing ambition.

We chat with the hymn section winner
still bleary flown in from the States,
the musicians are three decades younger
suits and gowns good teeth and hands,
fingers fret to each other’s anticipation.

Sister Joseph has had enough decorum
gets evicted reinterpreting Chopin,
as the poets start the place getter readings
Oh you didn’t come first she gurgles at me,
I’m not so sure about that we smile.

Every Punter A Winner says the sign
as Southern Cross Station holds the 8.39,
and the buses puff that last call step fall
with a terminus thrum for tickets cats lost property,
while I thumb the anthology finding mine.


  1. Love it James. Had to laugh. As my Chinese students used to say, "You are very humour!"

  2. If you read the destructions! It's all true, of course.


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