Friday, August 10, 2018

Kit Kelen #952 - enough room in my heart

enough room in my heart 


for this voice
for my calling

for nakedness
spring cum summer

for the counterfactual and the truth
sweet nothings
and secrets to whisper
all yours

for cadences
for falls of light
for every flower to open

enough room for
frontiers to cross
make mountains of
and swim

for other words
for songs the world is yet to sing
for every sky that ever was
for other places, other times

for a little mazurka
worse, a waltz

for armies to mass
in a prayer

enough weather in there
for a poem with steady rain

for your call

for everything to work out
for all the people I could be

wild Bachhanal
with party hats
and take me for a ride
would you?

which animal am I?
are we?

enough room
for guilt
for ache
for your soothing

for judgement
fair measure

for what you'll say next

to soften
and to melt

golden afternoon
in your arms

enough room in my heart
for you


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