Sunday, August 12, 2018

Kit Kelen #954

as animal

as animal
did all sorts of things

you can't even imagine my

as animal I knew
let's say I was the whole adventure
and ache

there isn't a book of it
not even in pictures

as animal
some certain all-sorts of acts

my call
for argument, of the wild
heard over quite some distance

days gathered me to riot

full of tucker
grubby grovelling about

I was all out of the blue then
not even down from the trees

earlier, before flesh, fur
when I was merely swim
and caught a wave
set sea
clean of least suspicions

should anyone have opened a hand then
fall forward on my face
I simply would not have known
you see

I dragged myself on through the untold
into the mire and got together with

nobody said 'you animal you'
or nicely if they did

it wasn't really nakedness
it was I would call it luck

the chasing round the page

ah but then the whisper, sigh
and laughter you could not account

when I was wag-your-tail
who'd care?
I can't remember the arrangements

said all with the eyes
and sniffle
and wink
wink back

between us
not a word

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