Sunday, August 5, 2018

Rob Schackne #722 - We Live Each Other Feast (redux)

 We Live Each Other Feast

      Believe it now you writing
      my eye and body the same
      translate this for me
      rock a meditation till it sleep
      the word come at speed
      yes that when I love it
      prayer flag and prayer wheel
      watch a drop of butterfly
      charmed thing inoculated
      (but let's no talk of blood)
      the fighter be the artist
      she live along the battlefield
      she fight for other not herself
      see how the wizard love you
      see I let compassion flow
      we go on this last few minute
      see we live each other feast
      sunset softing on the meadow
      the world still unchanging
      that all I have tonight
      genius this to figure out


  1. flutter by
    and make a meadow of it

  2. See this is the sort of thing you can fall asleep under a unicorn's head to Rob. Idiot this to figure out.


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