Monday, August 6, 2018

Kit Kelen #948 - the dark / cosmic inflation

the dark / cosmic inflation
notes from the Deutsche Museum in Munich
(for godsbother)

after 380,000 years the universe became transparent
(I am making an effort to imagine what this means)

dark matter is growing
is this what religions have worried about?

take fate for example
everything is perfect with us
nothing ever meant to be

around 84.5% of the matter in the universe is dark
nobody understands what it is
(but maybe there's a word in another language?)

ordinary matter gathers faster
where there are concentrations of dark matter
I want to ask if this is a good thing

we live in all the wonder of it

the Planck 'Epoch' took place somewhere in the first pico-second
(puts things in perspective)

then 47,000 years of opaque plasma
then about 13.8 billion years till me and you and Wikipedia
(give or take 21 million years)

and after me
forever comes
that must be best of all

the facts of the universe are wasted on the scientific mind


  1. food for thought had this conversation today agreed it was deep

  2. forever following
    is an ever expansion
    of what might have been


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