Thursday, August 9, 2018

Kit Kelen #951 - every animal sad after

every animal sad after 


the party
the time of the crossing
the rousing cheer

sad after the truth is told
the tune
the chairs have stopped
the hats come off

sad for the objective fact
brought to light

after the sentence is read
and noose too tight

sad at the joining of the dots
and the sun gone down in them

accessory to done deed
after the outcome is known

after the treaty
trick got you off

after unequal
cruel fate
and so much melancholy
you could swim in the stuff

sad that the question at last is asked

can I have been the treasure given?
can I be the treasure lost?

then every animal is sad
and each to other sings so

there will be some pillow talk with myself
after you have gone


  1. how we are sad
    in every happiness
    a pleasure to be finished

  2. ... not all good things come to an end
    ...only a chosen few...
    I have seen such
    and unhappy
    all cause
    almost me
    almost you
    almost blue



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