Friday, October 28, 2016

26.10.16 (#299) Bloom (for Lucy) Myron Lysenko

The pale and bloated teenage girl is lying in a hospital bed. There are cards lined up on a shelf above her head. The smell of dinner spreading through the wards is a warning that visiting time will soon be over. There are four televisions in this ward but none of them are switched on. The girl’s father is at the foot of the bed attempting a cryptic crossword and her mother is standing with her arms crossed at the window.  The oncologist is coming through the door.

rose petals—
she begins to lose
her hair


  1. O! beautifully balanced the ordinary/the tragic. This is a very interesting form.

  2. Thank you, Lucy. Yes, the haibun is a very interesting genre. This is just the second one I have tried so I look forward to learning more about it. .


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