Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kit Kelen #303 - Trump


let's all tell truth to power!
the people's will is a precious flower!

here is the big ugly truth
what we want
how we think
who we think we are

somehow the truth got out of its cage
it spits
it sprays venom
had we not fed it enough?

here is the big ugly truth
and look at it
how it consists of lies
how it blathers

most men wish some
return to the womb
the locker room
it speaks from
is the dinosaur stem of the brain
wanting to rule the world
just by grabbing
they love it
they'll let you do

this is the big ugly business
all tower
no taxes

consider this truth
from every angle
how it shines
as it bulges
and crumbles to fat

big ugly mug
the leer
the tongue contorting
not just to fork
but forcing
forcing a way in

his tongue in your head
how do you feel?

is it getting hard to breathe yet?
the gag reflex is there

I know you'd rather not
give this thought
but I must insist
to show you
here is the big ugly truth

consider this self estimation
it is a measure of our worth
do you accept?
do you decline?
will you pull the lever?

you know who's the boss
big leer
suck this

if you don't like the work
there's elsewhere
I will build a wall

this is the big ugly truth
I'm all wall
I'm the catastrophe
you for called for

I'm the bankruptcy
the trick with the lawyers

why do we even need an election?
let it just be me

let the others go to prison
you'll never catch me


drain the swamp
and you will find

this one
ogre of it

the name caller
the curse maker
the smear-who-walks
won't shut-the-fuck-up

he is all-confiding
conspired against

nose longer longer

where should we put
the old-man-leering?
octopus man?

he leans
he goggles
he vomits speech

here's what he throws up
he says it –
I have power
I abuse it
I have position
I misuse it
I have privilege
bow down all
no, other way round
bend over
touch toes
bring me my viagra
bring it on a gilded tray
I have some cruelty to do

where's the heart?
and where's the soul?
no, these things mustn't matter

a finger points
fist punches air

this is reality
this is the big ugly truth
what we want
how we think we rule the world
who we think we are


you're voting for the boss again?
and how's that worked for you till now?

let's play a game
of be ourselves
let's all be brutes
let might be right
let money be our king

an end of dissimulation
I want
I say it

deliver home the truths
the truth!

the truth of who we are is ugly
the truth of how we came is worse

how is it the West was won?
do you think we came down from the trees with kindness?
do you think it was looking after each other made great?

do you pay taxes?
do you, fools?

your duty is to be amoeba
who says society is civil?
let's lose our money
let's lose yours
let's all go to hell

the lights are brighter there


this is the big ugly truth
like wishes from a dream once woken
if only a wall would protect the world from it

he's building a concrete condom
but takes it off for the paradise stroke
he sprays his wad in your face
how else will they learn

of the pitiful trickle
that's his economics

will you vote for this?

who's boss?
whose boss?

tell them what they want to hear
be their truth-made-flesh
slouch to be born

there's no ceremony of innocence to drown
you see the grade school girls on the stairs
time brings them to your bed

nations are no different
grab them by the pussy
they love it

widen the gyre!
here's a world diplomacy

imagine those lips on yours
that tongue twirling
his breath yours
two hearts beat as one

United States of Americans!
you have this choice
he breathes your air
and he can breathe through you

this business is for the whole human race

remember Hitler?
they voted him in
you only have to do it the once


as citizen of the world
I call you to your truth
say now
will you be more or less than this?
or are you equal to?

I cast my ostrakon
I cast the demon out

here is the big ugly truth
will you consist of lies?

yes once you had an ugly thought
we all did
did we bow to this?
make the lie our life?

the republic must not summon this
not this one
not this time
nor ever

this is the swamp
the swamp in person

we speak the truth
speak truth to power
we make resistible this rise


  1. Can't contemplate how it all got this far!

  2. A monster of a ranting, raving poem.

  3. I'll take that as suggesting I got the genre right, Myron


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