Monday, October 31, 2016

Kit Kelen #305 - over and over (after Tanikawa Shuntaro)

over and over

after Tanikawa Shuntarō

we do these things
again and again

key in the door

knives at the ready
breakfast, lunch

how many times?

a name means that
we've been before

yawn and stretch
undress for bed

little tinkle?
lust is larger

you've dreamt a track
this far till now

like insect
under bark

it sticks – this something
in that same head's crevice

bitch, back bite
bite back

it's the same animal we wolf down
forks and spooning up

and me
in the maw

a kiss for the familiar
are two any breaths the same?

it's not yesterday's sigh
but who will keep the catalogue?

breathe more coal
go faster, faster

take steps and knowing what to do
each step may seem familiar

there is resemblance
siblings show

arpeggio's one chord
no other strings or keys could brighten

journeys end in the earth
ways go on

we sniff at the flower
till the scent is gone

death will be a unique experience
but nothing to remember 


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