Friday, October 28, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 115 Awake past midnight in a country town

Awake past midnight in a country town

no more    nights
en pointe   fake  tendons

see     attach to all the grommets
feel it   all the skins pressed in

tight    shut up shut up
pull up there crash    bandicoot

the roots up    find the reason
why the wherefores ifs

the buts   lost call
 st jude   st jude
he’s got a column inches long

all the one horse papers   all
the lonely towns  lost

if there was an answer
it got lost   we asked

 st jude and  hey
why so familiar

too st jude hey Judah
Judith  middle of  the night

laxity stretching out
my credibility   my foot drop

nobody knows a thing
no more   no saints nothing

but the rain in Spain falling gently
 on this pain  the softest rain

falling early     plucking my ears with a fresh born

sound a small beaked bird of a rain
for the hatchlings 
all of us

reborn truths
  us  the fullstops    our

answers glimpsed beyond
 the witching hour.


  1. sound a small beaked bird of a rain
    for the hatchlings
    all of us

    I reckon that's the ending --
    but maybe like a refrain to repeat?
    v strong

    1. mebbe....I dickered and then went do it woman.


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