Friday, October 28, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #296 Everyone is away

Everyone is away
their homes are empty or minded
their cars are sitting idle
everyone is walking
catching buses
learning to uber
photos are rolling in
of cliffs of waterways 
of restaurants and
extended families
of art

We have embedded in our bnb
no longer is it possible to remember
how it was when we arrived
without our expanding suitcases
and the blossoming of toothbrushes in glass
who would have thought the sound of the sea
would become monotonous
an endless seethe
each busy day spins past rain sun cloud wind

We start thinking of home
where you go to process
all your travelling thoughts
but we have another week or more
so until then we fold them like receipts
inside the cover of a closed book
we haven’t yet had time to read


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