Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bronwyn Rodden #24 - Journey to Ink

Trying to catch up, away again birdwatching for a few days:

Bodhi Tree #1 Chinese and Acrylic Inks on Rice Paper

In the past year I’ve met Chinese ceramic and ink artist, Andrew Lo. Andrew is the President of the Australian Chinese Painters Society and has recently moved from Sydney to Bellingen. He is a Buddhist and teacher of Chinese ink painting and I was very pleased to meet him. I have always loved rice paper and he has a wealth of knowledge of this as a medium for ink, so I’ve learned much from him already. This is a work I did using some of his intense acrylic inks on rice paper with tissue paper leaves I made from a Bodhi tree leaf that someone brought into the class. Again, I love the way water acts as medium, running away with the colours and various shapes appear from seemingly nowhere.


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