Monday, October 31, 2016

Greg McLaren: Wrens, Girrawheen Park, Earlwood

            wren flight is measured in blinks        
and stitches understorey here
            close together      since what’s near
enough to forever        the call
            ‘s an abbreviated chirp      within
the banksias’ slow       grappling
for sunlight     for anything organic
in the dirt     it’s a gap       between
            fluoro light flickerings      horizon-
glanced lightning     shredded sun
twitches across mica motes
in Wolli sandstone       we spin 
out       across the largest dark
30 k          a second      we hurtle





  1. O I like this one, I know exactly what you mean about the quick speed, and I really enjoyed the inclusive 'we hurtle' to end it!


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