Friday, December 30, 2016

Kerri Shying R - # 172 - on the sheep's back

 on the sheep’s back

there is no unraveling of wool  it sits in skeins   safe
 on the backs of sheep alpaca guanaco

my cousin married an alpaca  announces Dad
as we drive down to the wedding   we

groan   we roar to life   the happy dissertation
whys the wherefores    why-nots

my cousin Lorraine  married this bloke called Al Packer 
  we  give it to him   victory

it is how the
 smaller balls are wound  how we go between

the spinners and the knitter-uppers  who has the
 patterns  what is known of where that

stitch was first put in
 all lies are told travelling    all places punctuate

our hiving selves   travelling with all consenting
 members    we stop    near the old gaol at Berrima

 slake the thirsts  grandchildren
 chance a beer at midday in the inn and

Dad gets lunch   we store Al Packer with Lorraine
 there is no unraveling in us    at all


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