Friday, December 30, 2016

Kit Kelen #365 - the writing (not on the wall)

the writing (not on the wall)

in the wilting
news is languid

year's end
and what can you do?
time's up

watch the garden die?
almost as much fun as cricket

one sits for a stillness here and there
one waits for planets to fall from the air

on the day of all bark fallen
there must have been a breeze begun
we are the wilting when it comes

it's over the rainbow
over the noon
where no cow jumps

wallow me shade in a shallow pool
there's still a risk of boiling


under the stairs
in the coolest corner

I sought a place beyond words
the way beyond the way

so think till thought and thinking's done
that's a special swim
and a salty soup

we drink from the one mirage
we sink

I dream Antarctica again
heart's refuge in the true of dark


or Kvandal in the rowan forest
where winter has already begun

over the bridge to Lussand
the sign says
moss up to your ankles

a valley of shadows
bridge like sprung bed
sags in the middle

so we bounce across
deeper into the cold and climb


what's memory
in the wilting?

birds sing out forever
sun gets the volume down though

balls disappear in the garden down far
each is a world we have lost

as on the billiard green
and pocketed
like stars

ink floats in the mind
where the words are past
we just can't help that


the world is a jagged thing up close
stand off, it rolls around

it's like that in the skin too
cells burble on and in them
atoms smooth to touch
of someone smaller

must have been imagined


I drip on the page
fresh out of the water
so wanting to get back in

do I make my end where I began?
no, I was in Andalucia
but I had to imagine the heat from there
summer was still in my southern bones

if this were any normal year
I'd be finished with it now

I'd always thought it was February
for the extra day
turns out it was an Olympic feat

the extra day was on again
every day for us

a poem, a picture
that's how we live

still and all...

time to make some resolutions
the writing's not on the wall

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