Friday, December 30, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #368 cassowary

outside the bathroom window
she strolled by elegant as anything
the look of surprise on your face

I open the door surreptitiously
not just one I whisper

mum with the high casque
dad smaller and shorter
chick still brown

they make no sound stepping
I see the open gate
all three now heading for the other end

no exit there back they come
mum pauses to look in the window
of the sunniest room

we shuffle about cameras in hand
they have disappeared
hiding in heliconias

they have paced out the whole garden
still not found the gate again
I cross the garden to open other gates

return the long way round
not wishing to meet them front on
clustered at the end where gate

and garden meet mum saunters
out through the opening
dad and chick follow

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