Saturday, December 31, 2016

Kristen de Kline - #52 - nowhere time

it was a nowhere time
bit like these poems
     words drop out
     wheels fall off
     lines go missing in action
bumming with Jane -
stole that from Bukowski -
raiding Foodtown skips
hocking antiques Walkmans jewellery
dole day at The Gladstone
beer in the garden bar
lying in the gutter

it was a nowhere time
you were
     falling in reverse
searching for the blue lady
to get you through the night
brown rocks in someone's palm
losing words sleep days
            making sense

the wind from the South
breathes a blizzard of ice
leaves turn golden
nobody rakes them up
a whole year runs away
you're still looking for it



  1. Bring it on, Kristen.
    Marvelous. Seedy.
    Like my year. :)

  2. but at least we counted the days!

  3. oh god the voice is stunning, where you are taking us

  4. Thanks guys:) actually it's a trip down Memory Lane back to the 80s!


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