Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Some Things They Taught Me - Day 26 - Sara Dowse

The first was Mary,
she said if you have
too much to carry
then slough off what’s easy,
your mind will be clear then
to climb any looming mountain.
She was talking about homework
but down through the years
I have found wisdom there
for just about anything.

Then there was Hilary
who showed me how to roll
my clothes up when I pack
so there’s never a big bag to lug.

Peggy taught me a trick
about baking soda
to clear up lingering infection;
Jane used it to clean her teeth,
another friend used salt,
and long ago a boyfriend of mine
taught me how to pop the clutch in second,
and bend a coat hanger
to unlock a car door.

Lyndall taught me the hem stitch,
Jess how to stack dirty cutlery in a glass.
My mother said: iron the collar and sleeves first,
Jackie showed me how to paint a face,
Richard to use iced tea bags 
to rid me of puffy eyes.


  1. It's great. We all learn from one another, for good and ill.

    1. There were a lot more when I was thinking about the poem, but then I forgot some. Hope they'll come to me later.

  2. Replies
    1. Wish i could remember the rest, there were some beauties.

  3. A beautiful piece. Has set me thinking too


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