Friday, June 2, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 252 - Mantra rays

Mantra rays

the eight steps to happiness one strip the old sheets
from the guest room bed
two  pull the pillows from the gap
behind the old iron rails   three
the paste of tamarind on soft
terrycloth  an old nappy is good
to polish off the brass bed ends
four  go find the sheets that fit the double bed
while thinking of the last time you saw
your cousin

five no regrets for the extra blanket purchased
six same for the three character cushions
designed to make reading more comfortable
after all we are none of us young

seven  count the pillows make sure there are
a variety    a foam a down a feather pillow for choice
eight make the bed set the lamp up check the bulb and install the water
jug with the lid
 take a photo and look at it until the knock
at your door 
lets in ghosts
as well as flesh

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