Thursday, June 1, 2017

Rob Schackne #353 - It's awful/of course

It's awful
of course
and so sad

so dismal
how badly
it fucked up
but how long
would you
have fought it
wrong place
wrong time

and any kid
that curious
about leaving

would've done
about the same
no ropes
no razors
down so deep
the lungs
the drop off

cliff face jesus
not the end
and never
about death
the other side


  1. 'It' may be awful, but this poem is brilliant. Cheers Rob

  2. Oh Rob this is perfect. Thank you.

  3. Rob, Wow! Have got to agree with Stuart and Kerri - it's awful (of course) but also brilliant and perfect ... and sad...

    1. I write long and then pare it down. Not always healthy. But most glad you found something there. Better than "The Wrong Place" - but to hell with it let them both stand. An example to myself? :)


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