Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 298- Travel in My Country

Travel in My Country.

go monkey go  I urged her on   my
mighty ape   the thirteen floors
of administration  
find them I whispered in her
large hair-fringed ear

take the letter from the records of
the big English speaking stasi

climb that middle management
baby  climb and bring me back
my normal
she gave me a huge leather
thumbs up  that we had been
in the shed for weeks

while she climbed and the
Blackhawk helicopters  buzzed around her
tummy      shooting  I noodled
in the dirt  playing tic tac toe
that’s naughts and crosses
in the old money

but in the real world
two policemen
in full riot clobber
and guns and handcuffs came
and checked my train ticket
while I typed   they said
what you writing 
I smiled    I  hoped
they would move

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