Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 299 - Another talk with Faye

Another talk with Faye

the birds here today they sound
so happy   flying spiral ribbons
around my big grey gum

this interlacing speech it takes me
back to you and me
catching  up

on daylight
on the chat

my feet  these leather slippers say inside
so everytime I’m on the porch I have to change
and slide the decorated rubbers on mud-stomping

today there is no mud   but I do it  hoping
to make a habit   it is all about the habit
so they say  they the they  I hope one day

that I will be the they
and you with me will sit
deciding what to name the birds

the songs the ways delineate
what is done    that is called right
and failure   named the wrong

the birds today
they sound


  1. they should be naming us! Maybe they will tomorrow....

  2. I do love this poem, Kerri. Sad, to a degree - but great, to one more. Thank you.


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