Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kit Kelen #585 - to be here (yoga series)

to be here
(yoga series)

in the too-much-kingdom
(every world else belonging
and stars)

a long way down in the bedding it goes
as if winter were our ever after
when in fact we're fire

how is such beginning
how have I come stuck?

too far to the letterbox
where minutes have passed the hour again

fine upstanding
and twisted with age
grey mossed
long between of flight

every tree is travelling
for heaven and hell
and blindly
not even inching
but there

every one of us is a stretch

and anchor
of an unintending

that's how we all go round

of course the rats mean to have it all
see what they leave
and the ants have them

I was so lit
a sun must have shone

and how to heart?

just having to settle
to hold the pose

just to be
a tree

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  1. Eating at my local Indian joint tonight after work, I get to talking with a fellow smoker outside about happiness. He says that thinking about things is a powerful preventative. I ask him, "so what do you think of the food here?" "Not much," he says.


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