Monday, August 14, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 300 - Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning

I am back to sipping at the slop bucket full
of murders   reruns  of the dismal end

we face  they faced I face  if I keep going
that’s what some gland or other thinks

or feels or how do neuroscienticians
say it  do they say it  or is this just some meme

I am a drink of death away from throwing
in my towel   which has been picked up

again and again off the floor so much so
it has come to please me  see it hanging it makes

me feel steady like I overcame all the ends
I was reassured would be mine befall the

atrocious choice I made and made again
it palls  to have to live it all    a stump-jump plough

in this finite diorama of my span   hit the obstacle
I return to the beginning track back along my rubber path

condemned and braced for impact
I am waiting for the bang     I am tense

against the slam of wood the crunch of bone
so much so

 it really  doesn’t matter
if it comes   


  1. this is v Socratic

    just a sip of death away

    but poisonally - I do think it matters

  2. Woah - that packs a punch Kerri! Love it :))

  3. Extraordinary poem, dear Kerri. But don't let it order you around. Please. :)


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