Monday, August 14, 2017

Kit Kelen #590 - come to the Sunday month

come to the Sunday month

lost track of days

abandoned to a whim
and bucketload of lists

how overfull with all-to-do
and me in every pocket

sun there after the overnight showers
walk the mud in and sweep

all weekend seeping workaday
supple with suggestion

so settled into lunch and supper
so siesta bent

admit I’m working all this while

those four birds sat up at the top
something presiding with them
I bet
to bring the branch to light

and there are other chimes of day
dust of the world so shook off here
we have to stir our own

and smoke
that’s just to get at the fire

isn’t it all opening?

and light licks every inch of day
all until the gloaming

delight’s the pure thing

how well it works
a Sunday stillness here

nothing to it
unless perhaps you sing

I love a first thing shadow
when the sun’s still up to cast

so make my maze a garden
and I’ll go gladly lost

I live in time foretold 


  1. "Delight's the pure thing"
    I like it.

  2. channeling Blake and Marvell at once
    ... can't be easy


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