Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kristen de Kline #126 Medley (2)

If I drive the getaway car all night
I might just make it
some   place   else
rain falls   and
all the space is yours
you catch a thousand flowers
the moon slips off the page

the waves dredge up the dead
when we don't want them
please stop the chattering     the dying, the dead
they're getting too close

the fire     we walk through
the frail air      that we breathe
at the end of the day     how we
breathe     how we walk
that's what matters     most

abandoned cars, a burnt out ute
bonnets up, poised on spokes
like knitting needles puncturing steel flesh
every highway
knows some pain

the moon slips off the page
at the end of the day
the heart is all I care about

the word went on
we ran out of ink
we ran out of us

at the end of the day
a thousand flowers fall through my fingers
at some   place   else
where rain falls and
the world     paused


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  2. having to re-fuel moonlessly
    with waves washed up and lost

    and a burnt out uke
    for the tune's reprise
    on a sea that's seldom tossed


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