Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kit Kelen #589 - a captain cook in the open book

a captain cook in the open book


a long time waking

bend to the lines
must be inscribed

the dream is reaching
a long way down

there’s print through –
all the years till now
all moments
every inch of the place

and sometimes blank
as beginning
(though that’s all reconstruction)

in the stretch of the thing
sung so far
just in twig reach
so often sunshot

we’re a long time waking
we’re all wrung and wrested from
shock of the bell gone off

in the open book
where rain once fell
we took away the tune

lightning spreads
like fire goes to grass

a tree climbs in
and you take branches higher

but who is it sees/
who catches the falling?

one day all this will be set down
here in the open book

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