Saturday, December 10, 2016

#31 Mark Roberts - 'Maree's Journal' from 'Subsidenza/Subsidence/Sedání' - an introduction

As part of a course I have just completed I had to plan and write a section of a novel. The working title of the novel is Subsidenza/Subsidence/Sedání and I only have about 7,000 words completed. It is a fragmentary work with pieces of a film script, a novella and journal entries being found in a confused state and being pieced together. As we enter the last half of the last month of Project 366 I thought I might use this platform to try and work on the journal of one of the main characters.

To give some background - Maree is a film-maker who travels to a unnamed imaginary city to make a film. Her journal and film notes form part of the fragments that are pieced together in the novel. (There is also a writer in another city writing a novella). Before Mareee's journal is fragmented I need to create the it as a whole. Hence over the next few weeks I thought I would gradually post pieces of Maree's journal in chronological order. They may not appear every day, Maree is a very busy person.They are really short pieces of prose or prose poems and I see this as a kind of workshopping exercise to see where things go.........


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  1. Sounds interesting, and a little reminiscent of Murnane's The Plains. Looking forward to reading your posts from the project!


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