Friday, December 9, 2016

7.12.16 (#341) A Life in a Hundred Words (the light version)

he slid out laughing in a  blood waterfall
the world delighted to see him
father read Ukrainian poetry to him
mother whispered folk stories
teachers guided him through school
as he dreamed about weekends
attracted to sport and books
he fell in and out of love forever
wrote things up and down about himself
enjoyed being cheeky and  pertinent
helped make some children and loved
what they taught him
good friends remained good friends
he cooked delicious meals
delightful in all his dealings
people smiled when they saw him
died awake in a daydream
heard applause as his coffin disappeared


  1. this a promise or a challenge, mate? :)

    1. It was a promise but now it is a challenge to you, Rob! I posted one the other day, Alive Until This...People told me it was dark and challenged me to write a lighter one.
      Still working on it.


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