Saturday, December 3, 2016

Anna Couani #225 the neighbour after RV's The Odd Neighbour

I walk to the next block and back
come across the bloke
who's been sitting on our doorsteps
every morning
7am bottle of beer in a paper bag
the evidence 
an empty bottle from yesterday
placed upright on the kerb opposite
the story pulls me along
lags when he disappears
next to him the faithful dog
this is not fiction 
a bull terrier 
like his owner
both burly and short haired
on the way back
a couple of large turds
more evidence
he doesn't hang with the usual
crowd of drunks at the corner pub
is usually gone by 9
not that he works
the regulars shake their heads
sitting on their beers at 8am
say, nah, no
he's definitely beyond the pale
recently come out of jail 
then he's gone again
and leaves a few memories 
of the Japanese sword he got sharpened
of the time he borrowed $5


  1. a fine poem; your odd neighbour is worse than mine, by the sound of it!

    1. Definitely. We live on the fringe of the Glebe housing estate and it houses an interesting crowd.

  2. Wonderful poem. Scary neighbor. :)

  3. Thanks everyone. Hope to keep on for December.


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