Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fei #4

hypothetical 4

suppose I had started planting 
one flower each week
over the last five years
by now I would have a garden

yes, a garden—I dreamed of a garden

I should start with one flower each week
continue for the next five years

yes, I should start
I will do this next week 
I am too busy this week
or even better the week after that
now it’s too cold for seeds to grow
the week after the week after might be even better 

and by then 
what hypothetical will I make


假想我現在開始存錢 每月5000 
一年後6萬 幾年下來我或可以買套舒適的房
假想 我要是現在開始存錢 每月1000 
一年下來 似乎很少呀 但是每月我也需要用不少錢

每月不多 但是至今 應該數目也是不小了

假想 當下不開始 行動
多年後 我又會有怎樣的假想


  1. Well Feï, we are approaching the end of the year and it's time for New Year Resolutions ... but I'm struggling myself with so many "shoulds" ...

    1. haha Béatrice, moi aussi, to come up with a list of 'shoulds' is so tricky. And your words reminds me of a friend who said at the end of 2015 that she was going to say the word 'NO' 500 times in 2016. Apparently, through the whole 2016, she has said more than 500 NOs, but still felt she had not said enough NOs, so as she told me, she should say 1000 NOs in the year 2017-- such a hard hypothetical to work out ~~~

  2. or maybe

    by then
    what hypothetical
    might I have made


    1. thanks Prof. Kelen, a much better ending

  3. Replies
    1. thank you, Efi~~~ your comment really is a encouragement to me


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