Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Chrysogonus #100 - gambuh

~ sixth song ~

a buzzing lamp, the only witness
last drop of tea tossed down
his throat from a giant cup

that big man, my grandfather
sat alone by the table, empty
plates from his dinner remained

on a brown lazy susan, four chairs
stood in the room, three were empty
just spaces for the light to sit

two had no importance to him
only that seat to his right mattered
being for the ghost only he could see

already there four years, taking the place
of a flesh-and-blood woman, his company
for every meal, before and since her dementia

this was the one face he could always conjure up
from memory, made real with the help
of one or two thin flasks of vodka

stored in his fridge, just within reach
conveniently placed, next to the insulin
maybe a gulp for tonight, a quick one

elixir sating a thirst for seeing
details of that face once again
before eyes called for sleep

a buzzing lamp, the only witness
last dram gulped down
his throat from a giant's cup 

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