Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ariel Riveros Pavez: Hapax

Inside round time
bunched points to
a little recall spoken

the egg turnaround
orbit wobble
from apsis to disappearance

once mentioned
a call from hollow
backyards tending

dear salutations.
A good morning
bad from streets

stranger smile
a nod and it's tops
at ten in the day.

Prior inclines
forgotten. Someone who I was
is someone else but no-one else

who's lived but me.
A one solid whole
dragged from ages

for physial bones
in prod
surveyed examined

its clang image gone
with tin edges
waiting til full fade.

Nothing then mentioned
just a body there
waiting to be sheep-crooked

yanked to mutters -
escaped lands to yonders
jammed chockful with maybes

as possibilists on return
voyage folding back quays
to a hold.

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