Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Jeffree Skewes # 38 Inside Xmas

No other day
mimics the way

one obeys
the annual command

convoluted hymns
muddied by prelims

screeching mercy mercy
for breathtaking consumption

a feast at last laid
some fun is made

silly hats unmask
the charades

time our hero
passes an incoming tide

another round
tempts who should know better

legs fold languidly over lounges
and chairs in this heavens' play

gradually the day amends
what fear may have slain

children at last count
us as equals

some will 'do a knee' 
while cast as uncles on the grass

aunties liberate more than laughter
and arduous tasks

elders know
the song remains

angels of every skin
attend and dance

the day
we come together

inside xmas...

image: Still life, tableaux / synthetic polymer paint on (9) linen panels /  jskewes 

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