Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 148 - Hourglass ( Two)

Hourglass (Two)

time is not   the stuff of caves
of sharpened peaks    of
sharp hard nightmares cracking
into crevasses    cliffs of
glassy loam    not spume
of that volcano

time’s hills  
 low slopes sandy
underfoot   subtle clinging    sucking
on the lozenge of your energetic

gather up in deeps     deeps so
regular homogenous without horizon
 you find vertigo      margins blur
time flattens

pointless soft
unclimb-able time
no other way to go but
onto that
harder ground for footholds

gnarled pocked pain
you ladder
you snake    the climb
the climb     below    the plain
time soft 
I see

the view    need the
stillness     stand sit lay in
place    to find the colour   see beneath
the shapes    the time    of pain    sink back

see countrysides again

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