Saturday, December 10, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 152 - The Roman Empire

Roman Empire

after the first glinting minute
 in the sunlight on the aft deck
  did you think

on the bourse floor   after pocketing
 my ripped silk
  lingerie  and saying bill me
    did you think

did you think it would last
forever and a day    that the leaves
would never change
 would never fall    no rust
strong enough to corrode what you got

did you
  think the last gulp

would taste
sweeter than the first   did you

did you    think of it   did it
snowball in your consciousness what comes after
you have finished  or
 was it all one long    scurry to

reach the pile of plates stacked
 along the buffet

taste a little sour    umami
far above the threshold
on the label
of that place    where
everyone says you should    take a

hatred    made of easy   lazy junk
ingredients     strewn around
 my waste ground

glimpse the other side    some other
person    touching where it
 works for them to
put a foot    wrong

 go hard go long


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