Friday, December 16, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 160 - Sassar's Ring

Sassar’s Ring

it was the opal ring sat deep inside a fat gold embrace
a pale milk blue glinting out the sunlight

we were allowed to touch this
when it was brought out

grandfather had such small hands
his fingers tiny as my own

each child secretly measuring
imagining I was sure   how this ring might

fly to be their home   it was inside the house
at Harriett St   the sign at the top with

two t’s the sign at the bottom with one
things in The Warren were like this

nobody made a move to change them    the more
important knowings about the daughters

of the Schwebels   for whom the streets
are named    the retelling of the who the

who   took precedence
Nanna kept the tap on her front  fence polished like the sun

the brasso smelled of tin  and hard yards
unflinching austerity   still there was this

ring   this morning in the post they came these
two opal studs   mined up at Kuperpiti

milled out by my friend  inside my ears
they whisper  sighing stories by the pound.

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