Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Kit Kelen #342 - goes around and comes around

goes around and comes around

who's this idiot invented the wheel?

since then we've all been on the mill
running just running to keep up
and trying to not hit the wall

for our jollies the merry-go-round
dance a jig and reel

when we roll
the track's never long enough
it's never just A to B

there's no longer even an end to the world

the sun won't stop its spinning
like a web does its own

like a hundred years
and prick your finger

it's this way with the moon
and every satellite
I have a few myself
low orbits

as in the matter of imagery
axle, rim and hub bespoke

so this is the part of the revolution
where you feel you've been fooled before

who's this idiot invented the wheel?
who made the circle turn?

life was lovely still
and since

it's spinning a yarn
turning a pot

it all leads on to clockwork

so with argument as well

I find myself doing the rounds

some days it seems Sisyphean

guess I could say I'm on a roll 


please stay tuned
tomorrow I pour
the good oil on fire


  1. Did you know that Minerva invented the wheel. A woman no less! I often think that wheelbarrows were invented by women who didn't have enough hnads for everything they had to carry.

  2. yes well no disrespect to Minerva or Athena


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