Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kit Kelen #344 - all going to vanish (wake-up call)

all going to vanish
(wake-up call)

these works
these worries of the day
the next thing
all the to-do
and all that we've done
a certainty they'll vanish

this view too
the builded world
and the gilded
our century
like all the others
going gone

the forest is vanishing
furious rate
the creatures of there
the languages too

do you think you've purchased
some kind of exemption?

no, me and you – we're in on the act

what do you plan to do?
you could try believing
go down on your knees
kid yourself any way you like

all the gods will vanish
they're only of this world

we make ourselves up just the same as we go

they say
'it mightn't happen'
and well it might as well
but whether it does or not
for sure that idea will disappear
along with the rest

tarnish first though
drop off

and me?
I'm going away myself
I make no special claim
I don't think it will be a journey
there's no metaphor that fits

I could indulge the notion soul
but it's not hard to see where that came from
and where it's likely going gone

this makeshift pulpit
here I've patched
from fancying my own opinion?
the soapbox sinks
into the soil
the song's now empty air

death is approaching, comrades
actuarially there cannot be the least doubt
death is day by day
not only closer
but more likely
you can bet your house on it

death prior to now
is of vanishing odds
but the future is
where the odds vanish altogether
the future comes with death inscribed
most natural thing in the world

yes, this is the planet we won't be leaving
we'll have a different use
and it will

what do you think of them bananas?

lay down, get it over
or carpe diem?

I'm signing off now
just for today


  1. I've been of this apocalyptic mind too, Kit. I like the tiny grain of hope at the end though. "Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!" The image fits perfectly. What is it of?

  2. Its note of resignation: "You can't fire me, I quit"?


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