Monday, December 12, 2016

Kit Kelen #348 - automatic writing

automatic writing
(a kind of carpe diem)

people ask me where I find the time

this is a yoo-hoo to you-know-who

it's true
I couldn't fit it all into one day

the games
the fun
the all-to-do
breathless the anticipation

the works of others
to respect

every wonder
one long moment

I couldn't fit them all in
nor would I give the night away
so I simply decided
that one day could be two


I spread things out
each corner had its time to take
and sleep at the top of the list

in that mirror I was all rehearsing
and people came to me there

I built a new house every night
verandas twirled like vines to height

you ask me where's the time
and is there somewhere else to be?

now all these empty pockets bulged
with gifts of bounty being

so much time lost looking
it made me lazier
that's good

time was mine
to fritter fit

not telling how long things were thus
but all in good time so I knew
two days were not enough
for where the one had been before

so you can imagine


I wake where I am

and apples early
mid-morning I am carrot man

and so much tea
and much more water

feeling of the forest close
and that is why I'm here
and closing in
the trees and creatures
I tussle back with blade
pay fuel
but love it that the forest wins

and love is one long interruption
the many are the one

the garden and the road to make
the weeds and words to bear away

yoga and swimming
and the truth be told
a breeze blew in between my ears
did I give it a second thought?

under the gathering shade of day

it's music creeps in at the corners

friends were round to chat
I tidied up just a bit for that

as each of us is instrumental

I was largely after style and voice
there was to paint as well
and canvas, cardboard, foil
and paper, old cupboards, older doors
were all fair game
with pigment licked

I look out for the sleights of light
and memory is with me
precious raft I cling
through storms of now
and griefs of yet
all blessings I remember

I'd see the one leaf drift to soil
and I would till dinner's direction
then who would grace my hearth beside
and watch the fire turn seasons
telling never the same tale twice?


you see how there was time forgetting

the poem I was in then
was no few tricks for magazine
but ran its own length

there had to be time
to scratch all this down
surely I'd not neglect that?

I was a hero of the sport
with time for accolades as well
no putting pen down at enough
but nature takes it course, distracts
with little clouds and cloudlessness
to watch for what will come
it's weather!

you know already two days were three
in no time a week was never enough
the day was a year then

and last of all
this was my life
correctly guessed!

you read me like a book


and one sun shows the open page
one moon dreams between

and you were there
soul to say
communing takes some time

you see there is resounding in us
there were the wars
and we were in them

and if I had tomorrow
orders to return to the front
I'd always have had today

you were my cherished of that time
you see how life perfects itself?

just now
as if there were a truth to names
a dragonfly flew through

I was always my own jungle
long flourish of the chord run on
to its eternity, beyond

I saw parallel lines meet
that was enough of God

weep not
beyond your own indulgence
I am to the moment gone
I'm come into the circle

the moment is eternity
there's no other way in
which shall I choose
to live past life
then that will have been me
so always

isn't this
where we


  1. breeze blows in between my ears.....I died laughing then revived myself to read the rest, very nice.

  2. waouh!! text and picture as well .. will make my day!


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