Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kit Kelen #349 - sketch - one bird flew through


one bird flew through

dream things rot
as in a mirror

what do you forget first?
it's not a name or where you were

the tune stays with you longest

one slant of sun for an afternoon
I never forget a face

the dream you go to
it's a puddle

and music comes again for a first time
dust in the corners well known

what you've just done is the first to go
put in the fridge, put in the pantry

brief bliss and cling
as to the facts of time

I was all this blessed
see stuck now

never seen one of those before

now it's 5.30
Tuesday today

to dream is to swim
lift on the tide

as if there were a spell set free

I live at the end of the tune
where are you?

where did you put the thing then?
and how much love's lost looking?

live in an ache
joint deep
dream through
swim while you can

they say last years
are not worth sinking

ashes and dust
make up my Bible
tuck golden in the wheat wilt drought
the golden slopes
the golden plains
effective social studies

drown for the test tomorrow
it's trial by Arnotts' dunking

who is it becomes a poem?

a sovereign shining
turns in the air
catches the hospital light
those tiny fingers make their grab
all as if foretelling

now all storms are far
and paddle
as such a duck
won't remember

to the bitter beyond
you'll remember first light
and how the dark folds in 


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