Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kit Kelen #350 - let's make forest

let's make forest

it's not too late
you could start with a garden
let go
anything grows

I live in a forest
the creatures come

spring and all abuzz beginning
make a season of it

it's so many kilometers this way
and this many legends across

read here all the names
the map grows over
you grow in too
autumn faded

barely need your spectacles
but bring some music
best of timber strung
here's the tall fellah
come down for a tune

to sing till time is done
one muses
knowing that it cannot be

are we then consisting of trees?
look up
ants have away with us
so summer says

look down
the clouds are gone

let's make forest
how hard can it be?

all the equipment is lying around

come weather!
come worms!

and the news beams in
from world-out-there
low growl

crawl in!
be blown!
and do take flight!

some birds
are larger than the sky

some skies are more than this world

and here we are
an inch below

I live in a forest
the creatures come

I can do what I damn well like there

some are full-furred
some are bald

some days beat the forest back
it comes as fire for instance

don't like to kill or cut or burn
more than required
but the forest
is a risk
just as much as you are

fuel's truth to rage
like leaves dry piled
sun struck

or stormy of it
lay under
like winter filed
for reference

and then of course there is the us
the too-many
that's how we are known I think

I am always returning to the forest
in the city have whiff of it
if only memory
some keepsake gumnut
gracing desk

the makings of the forest
are all apiece of this
can't help

be of a breeze
and sunshine sought

I won't chase you there
live and let

the forest makes us eyes
all lift
by wing
or otherwise
buzz about
and lost to leaf
a heart sough wheeze of tree sway

of the forest dancing
and in the still to come
song touching
gently as the first rain
the forest makes us

let's make some
there's not much knack

it's not too late
to stop
and wonder

is it not lovely
to land
to perch
to poke about
get a view
through branches

it's not what I mean

just look up
you'll see 


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