Monday, December 19, 2016

Kit Kelen #355 - we animal are

we animal are

in the territory of creatures
be otherwise attuned


and from their tree
they come down to see

how honestly, we animal are
why do I even bother to say it?

we are the ways
won't be told

we animal are
and headfirst
with a whiff to follow
after some line of sight

itch on
or something like
all because we animal are

first light tunes us to day's doings
and then elevenses
the yardarm

and take our time, can't we?

oh, no
get in a car
and we animal are
down the highway's all roar

a flutterby
and ant's sniff wiggle
a very everyday over-we-go
for animal-us
when we animal are

is there a flag or a fence to respect?
I'm telling you simply we animal are

some days smoke pours out the ears
sometimes paw at the dust
then a scrap

spirit of the thing is

what matters is to touch
let's not say love
but you get the picture

go to the furthest point
and come back
some hutch, some burrow
we improvise
we're all-terrain
we're trouble

we animal are
and dream the dream
roar and rend
a single cell will do it

we rabbit on like this
we're dogged
we can be catty too
pig out

yet in the sack
we might be tigers

each to her his own live, let

my rudeness is a thing of legend
makes moist at a stretch of the skin

there's hair!
forests of animal
fleas will lose track in

see how we lionize!

you should see it
rock hard
but spongy soft to the touch
no more need be said

some of us play the harp to a cow
and some of us are dragons
some slay

so many things I want to say
and you know that's because
we animal are

time we took won't matter now
we're barefoot in it

my goodness
we know the right thing to do
we're staunch
among our friends
all animals themselves of course
(unless Lord love a tree)

we animal are
dumb eyes about
and born among beasts in a stable
this is the wonder of Christmas
oh creatures!

we understand
rain's fallen for us
that breeze to cheek
and sun's touch
are all to

ache into an afternoon
and take a hat for home

we could care less
couldn't we?

we gad about
snifter and sus
snort – that's a good one
we roll about in high hysterics
let's say a sun goes down

and so sonatas
and so sometimes lullaby

stretch, yawn and strain the rope
be blessed by every of day's seasons

and where?
we're everywhere at once

note each tree
for its good standing
but we won't be seduced to that

we swim into the paint
make marks

make melody
the world turns to
no, it goes regardless

somehow though
we're in the spirit
ball up foetal to begin
take turns, revolve
do rounds daily
form the wagons in a circle
run rings
sometimes round on each other
animals are most of the circus
round and round
through hoops
we go

here's smithereens to kingdom come
you see it – don't you – that's how animal we are

all attuned to ending
though not a one of us knows
what's after last throes

some of us ponder
and some of us won't
but none of us truly comprehends
how things end

blood and bone
make such soon soil

just be certain
that you and me
and all of our kind
we simply

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