Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kit Kelen #357 - day up my sleeve

day up my sleeve

what does today mean?
or something smaller
my time with this page

I build the hiding corners
I build the cubby whole

whatever nights before I dreamt
this goes on all day

a gentle breeze blows through
that's breath

and day is my museum
I'm happening in real time

blood sings its round
so sap
trees rise to

isn't all of nature jamming?

the territory is not the map

I have to remember I am doing something right now

there has to be a ladder in it

hand over hand
come this far today

I look through the calendar
and see
a day up my sleeve
the dark in my socks
afternoon all golden

everything is on the cards

the lesson is
dance while you can

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  1. So much to engage with and almost without a centre and just like the image a thing of true beauty. (and a day off hey?)


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