Saturday, December 24, 2016

Kit Kelen #360 - on the eve

on the eve

all expectation
awe impaired, beholden

o Prince
will it be peace we wake to?
when has that ever been?

it was a shit year for the planet

on the eve
and in the ruins
encouraged there
by all forms of persistence
run like weeds to flower

we swim to Christmas
bright of the sun
when the world
is right way up
we float

trees still straight
be baubled
and as from pond took off
wings for a bird
who else?

we keep the summer down with a stick
so much light
the skies said
world be let
and Jesus, it was so

Christ –
these are the words we now have
sinned and saved
hymned home

already in tomorrow's poem
I read the headlines spent

today requires some image, symbol
then let's fix a star

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