Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kristen de Kline #42- hurt me bad

you can all just kiss off
     into the sky
it was never blue

dark side wrong side of the moon tracks
ice house, venetian blinds tight
men in blue take surveillance photos
when I'm rushing on my run
knock three times on the steel door
blood begins to flow
guess I don't care
     anymore, anyway

skinless, pared to the bone
     someone something unravels

don't you know the dam
broke open many years too soon
still can't find the cutlery
the band I'm in starts playing different tunes
clothes rack refuses to assemble
where's the bloody Allen key
another hang up call from an unlisted number
- Is that you Mrs Cox?

do you want to sleep all night
kiss off into the sky
quit asking questions
stop making sense
no blue skies
someone's behind my back
     staring, talking
something about the dark side
something about a full moon
you want to wrap the car around a tree
you want to you want
read Bukowski: bumming with Jane
smoke a joint or two
drink sing fight
cops move us on
     and on
chill out under the Coke sign at the Cross
the e peaks, the letter k flickers
wiring is loose
someone something unravels
it wasn't a ball of string
may have been me


  1. Great stuff. Needs to be read aloud. Needs to be read loud. :)

  2. Thanks Rob :) must get back into performing!


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