Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kristen de Kline - #46 - Gone girl gone

it may have been my first affair
     could have been my last
there was a girl once
long time ago
nights flowers young girls days passing

must be the Christmas carols
     bounding out of department stores
shadowing you in elevators, apartments
silent nights holy nights
breathing her back
strange the things that get lodged in your head
things you can't

we drank hard
sang louder
fucked till our bodies
fought to the death
     surrendered into thin air
drank sang fucked fought
the neighbours banged on the wall
screamed: SHUT THE FUCK UP

when I woke the next day
she was out to it
I slapped her face
     kissed her cheeks
          blew sweet nothings across her lips

I sat beside her
on a line green sofa with coiled springs
     hurtling out
a tassled throw rug that wouldn't keep us warm
minutes hours nights more nights
I sat beside her
the young girls had gone
the flowers too
no one had learnt

I sat beside her
she was
I rolled another joint
     toked, toked again
thought about life
     thought about love
thought about nothingness

I turned on the TV set
black and white shimmering
I was walking across the desert
I'd turned into the man from 'Paris, Texas'
don't know what I was running from
     don't know where I was walking to
she was out to it:
gone girl gone
I was young it may have been my first affair
I was walking I was running
I wasn't looking back


  1. yes +++. A really persausive rhythm, edgy and wonderful short story of a destructive affair..I am compelled to like by your style more than the plot. A great poem.

  2. Thanks Jeffree - glad you appreciate the rhythm and style of the poem.


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