Thursday, December 22, 2016

Kristen de Kline - #47 - strange days

strange days
never know what they
who'll show up at your security screen
siren surrendering, blue light
burying you, slowly, in pieces of A4 paper
your name stamped across them, diagonally
not drowning, waving

you go to sleep in deep green dreams
wake up in monochrome

things turn and twist
     inside out
          upside down

the days get stranger
you watch the TV in the afternoons
through the adjoining wall
you hear a woman's deep voice moaning:
are you there?
do you care?
are you there?

you want to hide in the deep green
hurl yourself into tangerine dreams
try to blank out purple-ish blemishes
across your face
tendered as evidence
from 4G screens
you want her to throw her arms around you
like a hunter and a collector
you want to hide throw be tangled up in arms
wrapping you tighter, safer, softer
are you there do you care are you there

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