Thursday, December 22, 2016

Kristen de Kline - # 48 more bloody colours

all the poets on the blog
are colouring in
deep green dreams
depthless blue shades
purple tinges
indigo gets her going
she breathes climbs dives
through green and blue

I've got fixated on orange
clockwork orange
is it really the new black?
you fall asleep in tangerine overalls
wake up as Queen Bea
Prisoner Cell Block H
on the inside the sun still shines
     the rain
          falls down
you breathe climb dive
through roses
the sun falls down
the rain still shines
I can't shake Tangerine Dream and their Pink Years
swimming through tangerine trees
sleeping in marmalade skies
doing time in a deeper shade of orange


  1. Thanks Lizz - happy it's got you laughing!!!

  2. hehehe this is wonderful Kristen! Killer final line. All great lines, actually ;)


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